wrap up + favorites

December wrap up + favorites

Hello everyone, I’m back! After traveling for a bit and visiting the family, I’m finally home and ready to tackle the new year. But before that, let’s wrap up December 2017.


DARKER by E. L. James – 2 stars

UNFILTERED by Lily Collins – 3.5 stars

TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN by John Green – 5 stars




2 sunglasses + phone case + 2 notebooks + pouch (for washis, my collection is getting out of control) plus all the things (mostly books) I got for Christmas.


vlogmasVlogmas: Youtube is such a magical space during the Holidays. Everyone is so happy and excited, spreading joy and kindness. I love it. Vlogmas (or any variation of it, such as 12 days of Christmas) is my favorite time of the year to spend some quality time watching cheerful and uplifting videos. And a lot of time indeed, considering how many videos get uploaded.


star wars 8Star Wars VIII: I know that some people didn’t like it, and some people hated it, but I loved the newest Star Wars. The cinematography was fantastic and it had some of my favorites scenes ever. The score was also great (as usual), and the acting was on point. I even liked, and here comes the gasping, the humor. Really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next one.

I know that this is quite late, but now that I’m back home I should be able to be posting more frequently (fingers crossed). Also, I tried a new format for this wrap-up and was wondering if you like it? I think I’ll be keeping it for the year ahead.

Until next time,



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