My Thoughts: Wonder Woman

At the beginning of the month, Wonder Woman hit theaters. It was the first hero movie starring a female protagonist ever since Marvel and DC started building their cinematic universe. It also came after a string of disappointments regarding the last DC movies (Suicide Squad was a mess in my opinion, and Batman vs. Superman was a giant flop).

wonder woman battle

I love Wonder Woman. She’s strong and fierce and powerful while still being a caring and just person, someone who fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. Someone who had seen humanity’s darkest side and chose not to give up, because despite it all we were still worth it, worth her protection. She’s a true hero, and I always admired her so much! I was very excited that her movie would be coming out, but I was also a bit scared. As I mentioned before, I’ve been pretty disappointed with DC movies lately and I was so scared they would ruin Wonder Woman’s story as well. She did have a small appearance in Batman vs. Superman and honestly, she was my favorite part of the movie. I wanted to see more, but that movie left me with even lower expectations for her solo movie.

However, when the time came and I finally got to watch the movie, I left the theater teary-eyed and feeling like I could take on the world. I felt empowered and hopeful for the future and so inspired to be better. That movie was fantastic and so much better than anything I could’ve ever expected!

wonder woman colors

I’m not saying that it was flawless by any means, but it was definitely one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad it exists. In a major way, I believe it achieved such a great result because it was the story of a woman that was told by a woman. It’s so common that in this type of movies men occupy most of the positions of power, both on and off-screen, and that’s in part what made this movie so refreshing and new. It was a different way to tell an action movie and I loved how it turned out. Patty Jenkins did a wonderful job, and I hope the industry will finally take a hint and allow more women like her to take on big projects such as this one. As a female who is currently studying film and television, this gives me so much hope for the future.

wonder woman battle2

Another thing this movie did absolutely right was the casting. Gal Gadot was the perfect Wonder Woman. Her portrait of the character was spot on, and you could clearly see Diana’s softness and curiosity while also seeing her strength and stubbornness.

wonder woman london1wonder woman london2

Chris Pine was fantastic. When I went to see this movie, I already knew his character’s fate and didn’t intend on caring much about him to protect my heart (and also because I was there solely to see my childhood favorite superhero kick ass). What do you know? I ended up caring. His chemistry with Gal was off the charts, and the development of his relationship with her was so much fun to watch. But most of all, he didn’t mind taking the back seat. He knew she was capable and could handle every situation that came their way, and he had no problems in letting her take charge. We need more Steve Trevors in the world, please.

steve 1steve 2

The humor in this movie was handled so well, with is new for a DC movie. It still kept the darkness proper of DC’s tone, but it seamlessly intertwined it with quirky conversations, with Diana’s soft curiosity and wonder and with moments of lightness to alleviate the heaviness of the overall situation. It was truly a wonder to watch this movie surprise me at every turn.

wonder woman funny

Wonder Woman was fantastic, and I hope it becomes a turning point not only for DC or superhero movies but for the entire industry as well. We want female protagonists. We want their stories to be told by women. We want more girl power in the world, we need it, and I’m so glad there’s now an entire generation of kids that get to grow up with Diana Prince as their role model. I hope there are more to come, more strong, curious, soft and fierce women who can inspire us to believe in ourselves and in the world as well.

wonder woman

Have you watched this movie yet? What did you think?

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