wrap up + favorites

May wrap up + favorites

Another month is over, and what a busy month it was! Midterms, shootings and incredibly long editing sessions. Some amazing books came out (including both of my most anticipated releases of the year) as well as some fantastic movies. All in all, May was a packed month.

  • Books read this month

I didn’t have as much reading time but I did manage to read 2 books – and they were both really good.

How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh – 4.5 stars

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas – 4.5 stars

  • Haul

haulI didn’t get any new books but I did buy a lot of merch. At the beginning of the month, I attended Comic Book Day and there I got a bunch of fandom stuff. Including a gorgeous Wonder Woman shirt (that I’ll be wearing whenever I get the chance to watch the movie) and a Clockwork Angel (Tessa’s iconic necklace from one of my favorite trilogies of all time – The Infernal Devices). I also got some new stationery – a couple new notebooks (not that I need any more) and the Faber-Castell PITT artist pens that I had been wishing for so long.

  • Favorites

ed sheeranEd Sheeran (especially in concert): I was so lucky to be able to attend my second Ed Sheeran concert and it was just as amazing as the first one. His music is fantastic, his voice is fantastic, he is fantastic. I’m such a big fan of his work and I’ll definitely be attending any future concerts I can. I attended with my sister and had an amazing time!




Jane The Virgin: I started watching this show as part of a uni project and ended up loving it. It’s super fun and I flew through the first season. I hope I have some free time this coming month to continue with the next season. The acting is so good and the editing is on point. My favorite though has got to be the narrator. He cracks me up every time!



Popsocket: I got one for Christmas last year but never got around to use it until this month. I never really saw the point, and then I started using it and now can’t live without it 😂 it’s more comfortable to hold my phone and to make it stand when I’m watching a video. It’s also really cute and matches my case so 🤷


sleep cycleSleep Cycle: this app has been a lifesaver. Basically, it tracks your sleep by using the phone’s microphone and wakes you up when you’re in light sleep, making you feel less tired during the day. This month I had a crazy schedule and this app helped so much in keeping me (mostly) alive with barely any sleep. If you wake up and still feel tired every morning, definitely try this app.


That’s it for May. I hope June is less busy and more productive!

Until next time,



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