100 days of productivity


Week 3 of classes has almost finished, and I’m already drowning in assignments and projects. All my life I’ve been a procrastinator, and although the Bullet Journal system has helped me in keeping everything organized and accounted for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve been keeping up with my daily workload instead of leaving everything for the last minute. To keep me from that, I’ve decided to try the “100 days of productivity” idea.

What is that?

According to @studying-hard “the general idea of 100 days of productivity is to make sure that every day you do something- anything productive. It embraces the concept that by chipping away at least a little bit of that big pile of work we all have every day, we can make huge changes for the future”.

I love that concept and decided to try it out. For me, it began on the 11th and I’ve been keeping up with a consistent level of productivity ever since. I’ve also adapted my Bullet journal to this, only adding things on my daily to-do lists that are essential. Seeing a smaller to-do list makes me feel like it’s easier to get everything done and when I accomplish everything I had written down I feel great.

This was the perfect time to try it out. Not only am I super busy with uni work, I’m also participating in Camp NaNoWriMo and trying to balance my studies with my writing has been more complicated than what I had previously thought.


I get stressed very easily (it probably has to do with my anxiety) and it causes some health issues sometimes. This method has helped with that, making me feel like I’m making progress every day so I don’t put as much pressure on myself.

So far it’s working great for me so I thought I’d share it with you in case you need a little push to get things in order. Procrastination hunts us all, but here is a little something you can do to help keep it at bay, at least for a while 😉

How do you usually keep all the things you have to do from drowning you? If you have any helpful advice, I would love to hear it!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “100 days of productivity

    1. Kittens are the best! Oh no, what happened? I hope you and your kitten are okay. The negativity is something I struggle with on a daily basis, but I’m working on it and the bullet journal system is definitely helping. I love yours btw!

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