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My thoughts: Shadowhunters season 2A

The first half of the second season of Shadowhunters has come to an end, and I’m here today to share my spoiler-free thoughts on it.

Overall, it was a very good start to the season, especially if we compare it to the first one. The plot, the characterization and even the dialogs were better executed and there were way less cringy moments for me.

The biggest change for me was the photography, the darker “look” that was noticeable from the first episode. It really helped set the tone for the story and made everything seem more real and grounded. Sadly, not the same can be said about the special effects (although there were some big improvements, like the portals and the vampires’ speed).

Regarding the plot, there were some shocking surprises. Jocelyn was definitely the most unexpected and the most controversial, although personally, I had more problems with Izzy’s storyline.

malec first datemalecc

Malec stole the show (as always) but I found myself fangirling harder whenever book-Jace (snarky, arrogant and sarcastic but with a heart of gold and always putting Clary first) made an appearance. It didn’t happen all the time, but enough to make me have hope for the second part of the season.

And Simon, my precious cinnamon roll. Pretty much every time I laughed it was because of something he said (or did).

simon cute

The mid-season finale was very good and even if some things didn’t go the way I hoped (Simon turning into a daylighter and the grand reveal that Jace and Clary aren’t siblings wasn’t as emotional as it was in the books) it did a great job to get me super excited for the second half of the season. Especially because a very special character will be popping in next and I can’t wait to see what happens when he gets there.


What about you? What did you think of Shadowhunters season 2a and what are you most excited for in the next half of the season?

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