wrap up + favorites

August wrap up + favorites

The slump is over! Finally, after months of barely reading at all, I’ve conquered the slump and got back into reading. And as it happens, it was a fantastic reading month! What I’ve read:

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (4 stars)
  2. Love Letters to the Dead (3 stars)
  3. Shadow and Bone (5 stars)
  4. Siege and Storm (4 stars)
  5. Ruin and Rising (5 stars)

Overall, they were amazing books and I’m so happy that I finally picked up the Grisha Trilogy. It’s been sitting on my shelves for over a year and I kept hearing amazing things about it but never got to it. And now I keep wishing I had read it sooner because it’s sooo good! I love everything about it, but my favorite part of it all was definitely The Darkling. That’s the newest addition to the never ending Book Boyfriends list.

  • Haul


I only got 1 book this month. The book buying ban is back in place because 1) I’m poor at the moment and need to save some money and 2) I already own too many books that I have yet to read. And until I go through a good chunk of that pile I’m not buying any more books. That’s going to motivate me to read more while helping me save some money. Hopefully I stick to it and make it work!


  • Favorites

bones-renewalBONES: This is one of my favorite shows ever, and this month I binge-watched the last season that aired in preparation for the last season ever that will be coming up later this year, I think. The characters have been with me for so long that it’s hard to think that by this time next year they will probably be gone for good. I feel like so many of the tv shows I like are ending at the same time and it makes me so sad. But for the time being I really enjoyed reuniting with the gang and seeing what they were up to. This season (I can’t remember if it was season 11, but I think that was it) was incredible, with some gut-wrenching moments that had me in hysterics. I’m so attached to these characters that seeing them in any kind of danger was nerve wracking. Also, THAT. ENDING. Omg I didn’t see THAT coming but it made me that much more excited for the next season.

SUICIDE SQUAD SOUNDTRACKsuicide-squad-soundtrackMusic is such an important part of my life. I always turn to it when I need comfort, or to be understood or to set the mood for the moment (when I need to focus, when I’m working out, etc). When I watched Suicide Squad what got to me the most was the soundtrack. So many amazing songs that complement the movie and the storyline in so many ways. I loved it. I still do. I’ve been listening to it nonstop for a couple of weeks now and I’m still not tired of it. 10/10 would recommend.



STRANGER THINGS: This show. Just wow. The level of obsession is so high that I actually wrote a post explaining (spoiler free, of course) why you need to drop whatever you’re doing and go watch it right now. This is the post. My life has become the waiting for the next season to drop. Can 2017 hurry up please?


That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this wrap up, and I’ll see you again on my next post.



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