wrap up + favorites

June wrap up + favorites

I can’t believe half of the year is already gone, time is flying by! I’ve been incredibly busy this month. That means that I’ve been very stressed out (uni is slowly driving me insane) and with so much to do I barely had any time to read. Which leads to the worst reading month so far this year:

blue lilyThat’s right, I only managed to finish one book during the month of June. I also started The Raven King and by the end of the month I was halfway through it. This series is so good! Maggie Stiefvater is a genius and I cannot wait to finish TRK.

  • Haul

For the first time since the beginning of the year I’ve been able to stick to the book buying ban. Although that has a lot more to do with the fact that I didn’t have any time to get new book than with any sense of self-control. Also, I’ll be travelling at the end of July and I totally intend on getting new books while I’m away, which means I really need to save some money.

  • Favorites

hamilton---digital-album-cover---finalSo many obsessions this month!

First, let’s start this by saying that I’m still very much Hamilton trash. I’ve been working out to Hamilton, going places while listening to Hamilton, singing Hamilton around the house so much my mom gets annoyed pretty often with me. It’s absolutely insane and I love it.



gotSeason 6 of Game of Thrones was EPIC! So much happened, and most importantly all my faves are still alive by the end of it. I’m at film school and I couldn’t stop the awe at watching the battle of bastards on ep. 9. That was insane. It left me breathless and nervous and so amazed at everything I was seeing on the screen. Overall, this season was fantastic and I’m seriously considering writing another post just to talk about it.

studyignSince I had so much to do, I was looking for inspiration to stay focused and motivated to study and get work done. That’s when I found Studyign. Both her Youtube channel and her Instagram are so inspiring! Her Snaps kept me going throughout the day and her Tumblr made me wanna get all my projects done in the most colorful way possible. Seriously, if you also love stationery and are looking for a way to stop procrastinating, go check Sareena’s accounts out. She’s amazing! And I just might have gotten some new pens because of her (what can I say? They are pretty and using them all makes me happy)

brooklyn 99Last but not least, my new favorite comedy tv show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The characters are all hilarious, their friendships are awesome and the episodes are so short and funny that it’s impossible to stop watching them. I’ve binge watched 3 seasons and am now eagerly waiting for the next one. Also, Gina is my spirit animal (or character? Or personality? Attitude? I don’t know how to frase it, but hopefully you get what I’m trying to say) and she now rules my life. Can I get a wolf blanket now please?

i'm royalty

June was a stress-filled month, with barely any time for reading or anything book related. But finals and the end of my classes are coming soon and I can’t wait to travel to new places and get more free time!

How was your month? Any new favorite books or obsessions?


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