wrap up + favorites

May wrap up + favorites

I’m terribly late with this month’s wrap up, but it’s finally here! Without further ado, let’s get to it.

  • Books I read this month:

The first 3 are novellas (The Rose and the Dagger just came out and I’m really excited to read that) and all of them (the other books included) were absolutely fantastic! I’m so happy with everything I read this month. I hope next month will be just as exciting in the reading department. Also, ACOMAF is the best book I’ve read this year and it has become one of my favorite books EVER and after finishing it I’ve been in a terrible slump. AGAIN. But what am I supposed to do with my life until the next book comes out? What do I read after that AMMAZING book?

  • Haul:

IMG_7339 It is obvious by now that I have a serious problem where my book buying ban is concerned. Ever since it started (January I think, or maybe February?) I’ve bought new books every single month. That is about to end! And I mean it this time. I need to save for a trip I’ll be taking in late July – early August so no more books to me until after I come back home. I need to work on my self-control 😉 Still, I’m sooo happy with all the books I got this month! (See, that’s the problem right there!)


  • Favorites

I’ve got quite a lot of favorites this month:hamilton---digital-album-cover---final

I’ve finally caught the Hamilton fever. And I
mean that in the best possible way. I had heard about it before (it’s hard not to, it’s literally EVERYWHERE) but never fully became obsessed until this month. I don’t think I’ve even listened to anything that was not Hamilton this month. And of course, if I go down I have to take people with me, so now my sisters are equally obsessed. Life is beautiful folks.


civil war

After watching Civil War, and all that drama with Cap and that absurd comic turn, how can I not mention Marvel? I’ve been so invested in the MCU characters lately (have been for a while, but this month things were taken to a new level). I refuse to accept that ridiculous ‘hail Hydra’ thing and I am obviously STUCKY FOR LIFE! Also, Agent Carter better be back soon. What are you waiting for Netflix? Chop chop, get to work!



Stationery has taken over my life. Last month I got quite a few notebooks and notepads. This month it was pens, sticky notes and washi tape. I can’t seem to be able to control myself! I already have so many of all of the above at home, but every time I see a cute washi or post it or nice pens, I end up buying them. Is there a solution to this problem? Do I even want to stop? While I figure this out, my wallet cries. Oh well, can’t really blame it.

Sharpies not included because *shame*

Last but not least, ACOMAF. This book was so good that I just couldn’t get it out of my head. What would happen next? What about my favorite characters? I NEED MORE! Of course, that led me to fanfiction, and now I haven’t done anything productive in the last couple weeks because it has consumed my soul. Also, so many gorgeous fanart around the internet! I wish I could spend the entire day staring at it (specially feyrhys fanart), which means I really want to buy some prints but there’s no money. Do you see the problem here? My obsessions are all leading me into an evil cycle of being broke but wanting to buy more stuff.  Life is hard guys.


How was your month? Any new favorites?


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