Owlcrate unboxing (April box)

I am so late that it’s become a little ridiculous. I’ve already seen a lot of people unboxing their May box and here I am with the April box. In my defense all I have to say is that I’ve been insanely busy this month (lots of projects were due and exams) but now that my midterms are over I can finally catch up! I considered not writing this post but I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford my next Owlcrate (I’m kinda broke right now) so I decided to go ahead anyway.

This time I was home when this beautiful box was delivered!

owlcrate april-0208

Once again, the card is amazing! It goes so well with this box’s theme (dystopia) and all the details are so interesting too.

The next thing I saw was this adorable bracelet. I love The Hunger Games and look at that mockingjay! I didn’t own any fandom jewelry before and I’m so glad my first piece is THG related. Also, the quality is so good! Whenever I wear it (and that happens quite often) I always get compliments and people asking me where I bought it.

owlcrate april-0215

Then came THE coaster. This design is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  This quote (that I love, btw) is from the Shatter Me trilogy, one of my favorites. The colors are so beautiful and overall it’s so adorable that I’m afraid I’ll end up spilling something (probably coffee) and ruining it. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

owlcrate april-0217

The box also included this small notebook and a magnet. The notebook is based on 1984 by George Orwell and the cute magnet is also inspired by THG.

owlcrate april-0221

Look at this decal! So well done and I love the idea, it’s really original. Besides, how cool will it look on my computer?

owlcrate april-0227

The Star-touched Queen is a book that was added to my TBR list the moment I saw that amazing cover. And Indian mythology? Yes, please! So I was very excited about this poster. The colors are beautiful, as well as this quote. I can’t wait to read it now!

owlcrate april-0241

And finally, this month’s book! Flawed is a new dystopian book by Cecelia Ahern (the author of Love, Rosie) that has a very cool concept and the most gorgeous dust jacket ever. As always, it came with a letter from the author and this time it also came with a poster. It looks like a very interesting and gripping read, so now I’m hoping I’ll have time to read it sometime soon.

owlcrate april-0261

This was the April box. I’m so happy with everything included in it and I’m hoping I get to order another Owlcrate soon!

owlcrate april-0285


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