wrap up + favorites

April Wrap Up + Favorites

april wrap up

April was such a good month! A lot was going on (and I mean Uni stuff: so many projects to finish and some boring readings and all time-consuming things you can imagine) so I didn’t really have much time to read. Not that it would’ve helped, I was in the worst reading slump ever! I still haven’t fully recovered from Lady Midnight, so while I couldn’t get into any new books I did some rereading. Here are the books I reread this month:

The City of Glass reread happened because #MalecFeels where everywhere after that lovely episode of the Shadowhunters tv show. And The Raven Boys because I missed my favorites. Also, The Raven king just came out and I can’t remember anything that happened on the first book (and I need to binge read this series now).

  • Haul

IMG_6217So, remember that book buying ban? It would seem like I’m struggling with that, and that assumption would be totally correct. All I can say is that most of these books were late birthday gifts, and now I’m officially broke (like, there’s no money in my wallet whatsoever) so there is no way that I’ll be buying myself any books in the near future. While that’s very sad, at least it means that I’ll have time to go through my ever growing TBR pile.IMG_6112



Also, my first ever Owlcrate arrived! It made me so happy and I’m so in love with everything in it! If you want, you can see my unboxing post here.


  • Favorites

This month I’m making up for having only 1 favorite in March.



First of all, Coldplay. I went to their concert and it was absolutely fantastic! The music was so great and everyone was so happy and it was truly magical. I will never forget that night and what a truly remarkable experience it was.




Following the musical theme, Ruelle. If you don’t know who she is or if you’ve never listened to her music, you need to stop everything you’re doing right now and go search for her on YouTube (or whatever platform you prefer). Her music is amazing! I first fell in love with her voice because of the Shadowhunters’ soundtrack, but then I realized I have listened so some of her songs before but never knew it was her. This past month I’ve been listening to her songs nonstop every day. It’s fantastic! I’m not even kidding, I’m obsessed. My favorite is probably War of Hearts, and not just because of Malec (although it did help quite a bit in that decision).

Lastly, and not music related, stationery has become a problem. I’m sure it is not normal to buy 4 notebooks in a month, especially when you already have a lot of them at home. Even more so because out of all of those you already have, most of them is still blank and unused. But I saw them at the store, and they were so pretty! I promise I will use them (eventually). If that wasn’t enough, I also got TWO desk pads. Those cute ones that helps you organize your week, you know? Now I will have organized weeks for the next 2 years it seems. Also, I’m pretty much in love with that quill pen I received with my Owlcrate and I have been using it to write everything. I regret nothing.


All in all, April was a good month. Hopefully May will be even better!


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