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Owlcrate unboxing (March box)

Look what’s finally here! Actually, it came a few days ago and I’ve been meaning to write a post about it since but then uni happened and robbed me of all my free time (and sleeping time, and reading time, and basically my whole life). Hence, the enormous delay. I hope you don’t mind it too much!

I got my first ever Owlcrate for my birthday (March 5th) and I was so happy to know that the theme would be writer’s block. I’ve been meaning to finish writing a book for years now, but I always get stuck and never end up actually finishing any of my stories. When I got home and saw this beautiful little box waiting for me I got so excited  🙂

owlcrate 8

I then proceeded to open it and this is what I saw:

owlcrate 7

I love this card! It looks amazing and now I really want to put it on my wall. In the back, there’s a lovely explanation of the contents of the box.

owlcrate 6owlcrate 5

The next thing I saw were these beautiful socks that have the titles of some banned books written on them. Also, following March’s theme, a small book called ‘642 tiny things to write about’ came in the box, along with the most beautiful quill pen ever! I’m obsessed with this pen, I’ve honestly been using it nonstop ever since I got it.

owlcrate 4

Cute as a button! Three times cuter than anything I ever had, these pins were next. They are gorgeous and I now have them proudly displayed on my bookshelf. I mean, just look at them! I’m in love (heart eyes emoji)

owlcrate 3

And finally, the book of the month: The Serpent King. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. I’ve managed to avoid most spoilers, but apparently it will be heartbreaking and make me cry a little (or a lot. Let’s face it, I cry quite easily when it comes to books). And look at this cover! So beautiful! I can’t wait to read this book. It also came with a small poster and a letter from the author (the message was so beautiful that it almost made me cry, can you see where this is going already?).

owlcrate 2owlcrate 1

This was the March Owlcrate box. I’m sooo in love with it! Totally worth the waiting (apparently there was a problem with the post office that made it take longer to get the box to my house).



I have a question for you now: do you like these kind of posts filled with photos or do you prefer less pictures and more text? Or maybe lots of pictures and even less text? Please let me know in the comments!


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