wrap up + favorites

March Wrap Up + Favorites

March was such an amazing month! My birthday was on the 5th, and after that I went away for a little awhile to be with my family (it was the first time I saw my Grandma in about a year). I had a wonderful time! Now, onto bookish things…

  • Books read this month

I was caught in the worst reading slump after Lady Midnight and didn’t get much reading done after that 😦

  • Haul



You might be wondering, wasn’t she in the middle of a book buying ban? Yes, you are right BUT as I said my birthday was this month and I got a lot of books. I feel like this might happen a lot to bookworms all around the world. Also, because they were mostly gifts, I didn’t actually spend that much money on books this month. Do you see? Win-win situation. Birthdays are the best.



  • Favorites

smoke and mirrors


This isn’t anything new, but I’ve been listening to this album nonstop. If you’ve never heard of Imagine Dragons before, what are you waiting for? Like seriously, they are one of my favorite bands ever and this album is fantastic! Smoke + Mirrors is actually their second album, and the first one (Night Visions) is as good as this one.



This is it! I’m hoping to read more on April, but uni keeps getting on the way so let’s see about that. Also, I’ve been considering joining Camp Nanowrimo. Are any of you going to participate as well? Please let me know! It would be awesome to write together 🙂


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