wrap up + favorites

February Wrap Up + Favorites

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for my long absence, I went to the beach for a couple weeks and didn’t have internet. It was very good to relax and get some reading done. And talking about that, here are the books I read in February:

Only one reread (Oblivion)! That’s probably a record because I always, and I really mean always, reread some of my favorite books.

  • Haul

IMG_3764I’m currently on a book buying ban. There are some reasons for that: books are really expensive where I live (yes, that makes me wanna cry often), I need to save money for a vacation trip I’ll be taking in July and lastly because I already own quite a few books that I still haven’t read. With all that being said, I did get one book this month: Love Letters to the Dead. In my defense it is really pretty (I know that’s probably wrong but I totally buy books because of their covers) and it wasn’t that expensive. Hopefully I’ll get to read it soon (and my TBR keeps on growing).


  • Favoriteszayn-malik-pillow-tallk

Zayn’s new song, Pillowtalk, has been on repeat ever since it first came out. I’m obsessed with it! I know that it’s really different from the music he used to make while he was still a part of One Direction (that I also love), but I’m loving his new style. And we can’t argue that he has the voice of an angel. This song is amazing and left me eagerly anticipating his new CD.



My newfound book related obsession is The Lunar Chronicles. I should have listened to you guys sooner! I can’t believe it took me this long to finally start reading it. It is sooo good! As you can see, I’ve read almost all the books in less than a month and I’m currently reading Winter. I’m loving it! Everything about this series is perfection. All the characters are amazing, the plot is super interesting and the world presented to us in these books is fascinating! I even like Levana, in that way that you can’t help but enjoy the evilness that a villain is. As soon as I’m finished with Winter (and Stars Above, I can’t wait to read it as well!) I’ll be writing a post about the whole series, so we can all fangirl together about the awesomeness of it!


That was it for February, and now it’s March! The most amazing month of the year, also known as my birthday month! I can’t believe how fast this year is passing, and we’re only 3 months in.


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