My Thoughts – Shadowhunters (tv show)


This month, Shadowhunters was premiered on ABC Family (now Freeform) and outside the US, on Netflix. We, the fans of the books, have been eagerly waiting for this show, and it generated quite a few strong opinions that have been around the Internet since day 1 (or even before the show was premiered).  After watching two episodes, I’m now comfortable to talk about it.

First off, I would like to remind everyone that a long time ago we were warned that there would be changes. It was explained to us that certain things had to change, and that even though the show runners would try to stick to the essence of the books, there would be some plot twists and what not to keep the public entertained, even those who had read the books. With that being said, why are there so many people complaining about said changes? I’ve heard so many complaints and accusations, saying that Clary’s hair isn’t the perfect color, that they are too old, that the Institute/Pandemonium isn’t described like that, that Dom isn’t as hot as Jace (or even Jamie – the actor who played Jace on the Movie), that Simon isn’t supposed to look like Alberto, that Izzy is too sexy – not so sexy – too short – and whatnot.

Really guys? Really? Instead of focusing on those things, that are incredibly shallow and don’t necessarily interfere with the plot, we should be thankful that these amazing books got another chance to get adapted. And we were already told that there would be changes. So why do we keep complaining about it? If you really care about Clary’s hair color so much, or Dom’s eyes, you can always try to watch the tv show as something separately from the books. But they are still the same characters, and if Cassandra Clare likes it and is ok with it, why are we still all over it?

So far, I’m loving the show. I love the cast and thing they are really good as the characters they are portraying. Considering this is the first real acting job for some of them, they are all very good at it. I even like the changes they made. I think it’s better for the show to have the characters be a little older than in the book, and I really liked seeing Luke as a cop. I think it suits him very well.

Yes, some things would need some improvement, as some lines or actions still feel a bit forced, but after watching the second episode I have a feeling that it will only get better with time. In my opinion, the second episode was much better than the first, and there is still room for them to grow into their characters.

Overall, I really am enjoying this show and even convinced my mom to watch it with me. As I don’t live in the US, I have to wait an extra day to watch it on Netflix which makes me super nervous about being spoiled by someone online. It hasn’t happened yet, so everything’s ok. There’s nothing more upsetting than spoilers.


What about you? Have you watched the show or read the books? Or maybe both? What do thing about it?


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