Movie review: Mockingjay Part 2


I’m not sure how to write a proper movie review, so this will mostly be a (hopefully) small rant of how I felt about the movie.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I went to the movies on Saturday and watched the last movie of The Hunger Games franchise. I read the books many years ago and absolutely loved them, I think they are so raw and powerful and are such an accurate representation of what real life could become if we let it, of how twisted and wicked our society can become. Some reactions to the movies only reassured that (instead of talking about the real social problems portrayed most people would only focus on the romance and the Team Peeta and Team Gale thing, for example).

Before I watched the movies I already knew something that were going to happen, not because of the books but because I had stumbled upon gifs of important parts of the movie a few hours earlier that day (not cool guys, spoilers are the WORST, just saying). Despite that I was pleasantly surprised with movie.

It’s such a good book-to-movie adaptation. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved with this because now that I’m studying it I realize how hard it is to do that and respect the original plot and character development and everything else that makes a book so special. During some scenes I could even recognize dialogs lines exactly extracted from the book and it was so exciting and emotional to me. If you don’t believe me ask my sister, she didn’t read the book but knew exactly when something like that would happen because I squealed (not too loudly, I don’t think so. If I did, sorry Mari!).

Now onto the acting. It was spectacular! Jennifer makes such a great Katniss, I honestly do not believe we could have casted anyone better fitted to portray such a strong character. She makes it looks so real that you end up forgetting it’s a movie and crying alongside her. At least I did. That scene with Buttercup broke my heart guys. I had been strong and contained my tears (mostly) successfully until that scene, and after that I was crying and not even bothering trying to cover it up. Whatever. It was so sad and raw and deep and I cried. So what? Sue me. Jennifer, you are awesome and brilliant and I love you. Thank you for being the most amazing Katniss we could have ever hoped for.


And Josh! Oh my God don’t get me started on his acting. We all knew it would be though to see Peeta like that, and I particularly feared that the acting would be too forced and it would look too fake and it would ruin everything. But Josh did an amazing job. It didn’t seem fake at all, it was all very believable and it looked exactly like I had pictured in my head while reading the books and just

i love you

(I love Peeta, if you hadn’t noticed)

Also, even though I already knew what would happen because of the books, the deaths didn’t hurt any less. The moment they decided to go underground I was already shaking. Was that really necessary? Just a few days before it was all happiness and what not and them boom. Dead. That character is one of my favorites ever and I was so sad while reading the books and then the movies came and I had to go through it all over again. I’m trying to express my feeling without giving much away (‘cause spoilers are the worst remember?), but if you’ve read the books or watched the movie you know who I’m talking about. By the way, the person who plays him in the movies is perfect for the role and I love him and it just made it all that much sadder. Okay, I’ll just go sob a little in that corner over there.


Also, that Haymitch and Effie moment. I loved it. I need more please. Can we have a sequel? A spin off? Anything? That epilogue was also beautiful. Maybe that could be included in the Haymitch and Effie spin off (do they have a ship name? I think they do but I don’t know it.)


My favorite movie out of them all is still Catching Fire but Mockingjay Part ll is a very close second. It was thrilling and action packed, but it was also so emotional and intense and it was a phenomenal conclusion to such an epic journey. I’ll miss these characters, and I’ll miss waiting around and anticipating the next movie. Overall, I want to say thank you to everyone involved in these movies. It has been one amazing ride.


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